Ian Cropper


I always wanted to be on the forefront of technology making peoples' lives better. I thought a business degree would get me there. After looking into the business program, I realized I couldn't really pick out a tangible skill that business majors were getting taught. That was the point I decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

While getting my degree, I worked for the school building web-apps. It was so fun to be able to apply the things I was learning in school to my job as I was getting my degree. It was a validation that I had made the right choice. How many other degrees out there will get you a job in the field as you're getting the degree?

Ultimately, I'm a creative. I can't draw, paint, sculpt, dance, or compose, but I can code. Programming lets me take abstract ideas and make them not only tangible, but useful. That's the best part about it: I can create

I currently work at HomeAway, a vacation rental and property management company. For more details, see the Resume page.

While my job keeps me busy during the day with mostly C# and JavaScript, I spend most of my free time building other programs and taking more classes. I love writing in NodeJS, using a Mongo database. I've built Windows phone apps, integrated with the Twitter API, Amazon's SW3 and Elastic Transcoder services, built free-lance sites with Heroku, taught myself Scala, Angular, Jasmine, if I want to do something and knowledge gap is in the way, I bridge the gap.

If I'm not at the computer, I can be found outside; living in Colorado has it's perks.

If you know some awesome places to mountain bike, let me know. There is nothing I love more than exploring the Colorado wilderness with pedal power.

I try and keep track of my adventures with Instagram.